Living in this day and time, be able to see all the beautiful creations and not be able to enjoy the sounds of them would be horrible. This may not be a problem for you, but for many people, it’s disastrous. The reality is, there are many causes of hearing loss, many of which cannot be avoided, despite all medical technology.

Losing the ability to hear well can be experienced at any age so that it can occur to anyone; Even babies can experience it. The loss can be permanent or temporary and mild or severe.

Thus, personal hygiene is essential for a good mind, body, and soul. Not many people realize this, but taking care of your ears is also part of personal hygiene. Your ear consists of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Your outer ear should be supported and not the other two parts because they are internal. The visible part of your outer ear is known as pinna and is the entrance of the ear canal that leads to the ear drum.

Ear wax and its importance

Ear wax is present in each everybody, and its main job is to be a protective barrier between the inside, middle ear, and the external sounds. Wax accumulates periodically in the outer ear. This happens for several reasons. Some people have an anatomical narrowing of the ear that prevents the wax out naturally. Prolonged use of hearing aids, earphones or headphones can impair excretion of wax. Some people may have more wax build than others. The wax buildup can cause serious concerns that affect the ability of a person to hear. He or she may have difficulty hearing can become extremely uncomfortable in time. It also causes vertigo (dizziness), and in extreme cases, it can also result to ringing ears, also known as tinnitus.

tfgvzxhjMany ENT nowadays does not recommend the use of any equipment to attempt to clean or remove wax from the inner ear. One needs to clean the pinna with soap and water. However, any attempt to go deeper than that can cause mild discomfort. Use of cotton buds that have been recommended by previous generations is now considered a dangerous practice and can cause irreparable damage to the nerves of the inner ear to push the wax deeper, which can lead to infections and blockages.

Whether at home, work or at school, you need to taking care of your ears. If you like listening to music, avoid high volume levels when using stereo and home theater systems. Remember to put your earplugs in nightclubs, rock concerts, sporting events and even motor when you go swimming.