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Types of Drug Detox

There are four main types of drug detox that are available for alcoholics and addicts to help them achieve sobriety. They include cold turkey method, medical detox facilities, specialized detox centers, and rapid detox centers. You can even find facilities offering quick opiate detox only. Every type of detox has its merits and demerits, which people who want to recover from addiction ought to use before choosing the most appropriate treatment option for them.

Cold turkey method
This particular type of drug detox is known as natural detox. It involves an alcoholic or addict who undergoes stages of acute withdrawal in private settings with minimal assistance, care, or with little help. The truth is that it is very difficult to break the initial stages of the withdrawal syndrome. This explains why most addicts will get back to their drug of choice before they fully recover. This method is not recommended by experts as its chance of success is quite minimal.

Specialized drug detox centers
These types of centers offer impatient style treatment that is up for at least two weeks. In this case, patients do get an initial evaluation that can help them develop a customized treatment plan. As a result of this type of nature of the plan, some patients have to undergo treatment in just a matter of days. However, others may need a few weeks. The type of detox facilities does work with long-term treatment centers where patients automatically move to the next stage after they pass acute stages of withdrawal.

Medical detox
This is quite related to specialized detox centers but has a distinctly medical component. It may consist of on-site doctor or nurse and 24-hour monitoring system. It can greatly help addicts to step-down drug usage to maintain medical safety and also eliminate or reduce symptoms of acute withdrawal.

This particular method is required by addicts who have relapsed repeatedly. This is because subsequent attempts to help them get a clean result in severe withdrawal symptoms are like to take a long period. This is known as Kindling Effect, and it makes it difficult for persons to get clean. Fortunately, a medical detox center can easily address such issues in a relaxed, non-judgmental, and safe environment.

Rapid detox
This is a medical-detox procedure where patients have to undergo most symptoms of withdrawal when they are unconscious. In this case, a patient is put into a medically-induced coma and then administers drugs that facilitate and increase the process of acute withdrawal.