Dancing for Heath – What it Take to be a Great Pole Dancer

pole dancer

Pole dancing can be enjoyable pastime activity. It also helps you work out and make your body flexible. The entertainment aspect of pole dancing also helps in reducing stress. You need to learn and perfect your skills on a pole dance. Part of the learning process requires you to exercise caution considering that pole dancing. That said, this write-up shares some tips and trick needed to perfect the art of pole dancing.skillful pole dancer

Take a class

As much as you might learn from a friend, the best way to get started in pole dancing is to take ale pole dancing class. The essence of going to class is to understand some fundamental movements on the pole.To become a goods pole dancer, you need to learn and appreciate the need to do things the proper way. With the right knowledge, you can always add some flair to your dancing without being too ignorant.

Wear the Right Attire

As a pole dancer, you need to have an idea of what to wear and the kind of clothes that should be avoided. If you took a pole dancing class, the trainer should let you know the importance of wearing certain clothes and why. Ideally, a pole dancer should not wear excess fabric when on the pole as this could interfere with your grip. Loss of grip on the pole poses a serious risk.

Have a Mat

You need to have a matt or a spotter anytime you are on the pole. The essence of having a mat down there is to reduce the impact felt just in case you lose your grip and fall. However, you might not see the need to have a mat as you perfect your skills. But for learning purposes, a mat is an absolute necessity.

pole dancer on stageDo Some Housekeeping

As a student, always have the dancing the environment clean. You need to ensure the pole is not oily and at the same time ensure your body is dry. Oils make the pole slippery thus interfering with the grip. Also, develop a habit of wiping the pole regularly. Thankfully, you do not need to have special equipment to clean but a simple cloth sprayed with alcohol will have the job done.

Pole dancing ca be a great pastime activity. Though some make it a career, it is also a great way to exercise, build strength, and make your body flexible.