Disability support as a pathway to wellness


Disability support exists to assist disabled people to live productive and happy lives in their own homes. It also empowers those individuals to participate fully in their communities. There has been much media attention on the subject over the past decade and increasing resources, and employment opportunities have been created to ensure a level of equity in healthcare provision and community engagement.

The employment opportunities created through an increasing focus on disability support have created numerous positions that specialize in caring for people suffering from age-related illnesses, mental illness, learning disabilities, sensory issues or incapacitating physical illness.

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Specialized healthcare

old lady on chair wheelGovernments in recognition of the importance of disability support have allocated specific funding for those requiring such care to access the specialized healthcare that they require, when and where they require it. Individual requirements for care will vary, with some requiring hospitalization where access to medical equipment is required. However, the sector understands the importance of individuals receiving care in the comfort of their own homes. Assisting those who require disability support to remain as independent as possible is essential for their physical and mental well-being.

What does a disability support worker do?

The role of a disability support worker involves various tasks including routine cleaning, household laundry, bed making, light meal preparation, and much more A client’s personal care can involve assistance with getting up and going to bed, bathing, dressing, shaving, and other personal hygiene routines. Some clients will have more complex and higher level healthcare tasks than others.

Provides personalized support

All clients requiring disability support have individualized support plans which are tailored to their specific needs. Employment as a disability support homecare assistant allows for both personal and professional rewards, with the advantage of flexible assignments in terms of both location and workload. Working in disability support does not require the candidate to have previous caregiving experience.

However, one must possess exceptional interpersonal skills and a caring, compassionate attitude. Possessing trustworthy and honest aptitudes with a clear command of the English language are also desired traits for those employed in disability support.

A guide to overall well-being

ballAs a home carer who provides disability support, the role allows candidates can interact with people while working. The role involves supporting people in their own homes on a regular basis, or while they recover from an illness or accident. Both forms of care aim to foster independence, recovery, and confidence in the patient’s overall well-being and/or path to recovery.