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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Dispensary


Nowadays, there are hundreds of cannabis dispensaries. Some operate brick-and-mortar stores, whereas others run online stores. As a customer, you need to know what to look for when choosing a cannabis dispensary. It does not matter whether you are a medical or recreational user, the factors to consider are the same. Online dispensaries are taking over the cannabis scene in Canada. These are the vital things to consider.


cannabis-oilThis is one of the major things to consider when looking for a cannabis dispensary. Ideally, a cannabis dispensary is not different from your casual restaurant or fast food café. Remember that location determines the level of convenience you enjoy. Thus, proximity, parking, and convenience play a critical role as far as choosing a cannabis dispensary is concerned.

An average cannabis consumer is likely to visit several dispensaries. For instance, you need one that is near your home and another near your office. Remember that cannabis dispensaries cannot be located near educational institutions.

Cannabis Quality

If you need to choose between two dispensaries that are in the same location, then you need to pay attention to the quality of cannabis products on sale. The truth is that determining quality is not an easy task. Any cannabis enthusiast can discern what makes a product great or bad. If you are buying cannabis for medical use, it is quite easier to pick out the right quality for you.


You should consider a cannabis dispensary that offers a variety of marijuana products. In this way, you can choose the favorite products. Also, you need to test different strains to get the perfect one for you, especially if you are a beginner. That is because when you are using cannabis for the first time, you need to determine the perfect delivery method and strain. Therefore, look for a cannabis dispensary that offers a variety of products.


cannabis-productPrice is an important thing every cannabis consumer should consider. If you know the exact quality you need and the product are sold at different prices, then you should go for the cheapest option. You should note that medical cannabis dispensaries can gain a lot when they lower their margins to acquire customers. That is because medical users spend three times more than recreational users.

It is advisable to look for a dispensary that offers customer loyalty discounts and offers. In this way, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on buying cannabis. Most dispensaries promote their offers on social media platforms.

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Tips to Consider When Buying Medical Cannabis

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As the medical industry experts seek new means of therapy, several of them have gone back to fusing traditional healing methods with modern ones. Marijuana use was linked to healing and spiritual practices in many ancient traditions. Currently, doctors have developed an interest in the plant after discovering its healing properties. As a medical cannabis patient and user, I rarely go into a weed shop now that I can buy my ganja online. Thanks to technological improvements in the health sector and business industry, you can purchase products online. However, to ensure that you buy the right medical products, you need to be extra cautious. Below is a list of things to consider when shopping for medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Card

Regardless of your intended purpose with the product, make sure you are making a legal purchase. Legal cannabis can be bought from a cannabis clinic as long as you possess a medical cannabis card or doctor’s prescription. Medical cannabis defers from the recreational ones. Illegal or street purchases don’t guarantee that you will get the exact strain of marijuana you seek. It’s highly advisable to shop from a reputable and licensed dispensary, whether online or in person.

Mode of Shopping

If you are new to using cannabis, the best choice is to buy from a physical outlet. Shopping at a physical marijuana clinic allows a patient to learn more about the use of cannabis and the various strains available. Additionally, dispensaries offer a great place for relaxation and meditation. Once you master your way around many of the products and strains available, online shopping from the comfort of your home should feel more natural and straightforward.

Product Reviews & Rating

Make use of the internet and go through the multiple reviews available on medical cannabis. Depending on your ailment, find suitable strains and products. Consider comparing the prices to avoid wasting extra money. Some medical stores are likely to sell products at higher prices than others.
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Third-Party Lab Tests

Don’t be quick to pick the first bud or CBD oil you find. Read through the product descriptions of the items you desire. To determine the product quality, ask for third party lab test results. The results will provide detailed specifications about the product and concentration levels of various cannabinoids.

If you want cannabis products that offer purely therapeutic properties, consider those with high CBD content and little to no THC. The ideas mentioned above should come in handy, especially if you are a first-time shopper.