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Things to Know About Magic Mushrooms


Before, users of magic mushrooms know they are lucky to spot an area where these fungi grow. It was then uncommon to grow mushrooms domestically. But nowadays that magic mushrooms are in demand, these popular types of mushrooms are now cultivated in large quantities for a growing market.

Magic mushrooms were used for spiritual and medicinal purposes thousands of years ago in Europe and North America. Because of their psychoactive component, which is the psilocybin, magic mushrooms are considered as hallucinogens. This is why it is classified as a Schedule 1 drug with a high possibility of being misused and abused. However, there are recent moves that magic mushrooms should be reclassified as a Schedule IV drug because of its medical properties.

mushroomThese medical properties of magic mushrooms have caught the attention of many who are always on the hunt for natural remedies for their conditions. With the increase of demand, shrooms can now be bought online through shroom dispensaries, and Micromagic is probably the best magic mushrooms we’ve ever ordered online.

Here’s what you should know about magic mushrooms before ordering from an online dispensary.

Other Names

Do not be confused when you hear the terms shrooms, liberties, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, liberty caps, philosopher’s stones, agaric, and amani. They all refer to magic mushrooms. The scientific name of magic mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis. All mushrooms are not plants but are fungi.

Ingestion Options

Magic mushrooms can be eaten raw. Others would want it cooked with soup. But mostly, magic mushrooms are dried. This will lengthen its useful life. Shrooms can be mixed with other foods and drinks. There are also magic mushroom tea and capsules.

Medical Uses

The move for magic mushroom to be reclassified as a Schedule IV drug is founded on evidence that this kind of mushroom has properties to treat some medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, cancer-related psychiatric distress, nicotine addiction, and substance abuse.

Side Effects

mushroomAs a hallucinogen, a magic mushroom user may experience increased blood pressure and heart rate, lack of coordination, muscle weakness, and nausea. It can also cause a distorted sense of time and place, psychosis, and nervousness. Like all persons under the effects of hallucinogens, a user may be prone to accidents because of the mental changes.

Although magic mushroom is considered a hallucinogen, it is not addictive, unlike cannabis. This is why it is preferred by those using it for recreational purposes. It may only take less than an hour to feel its effects that can last for 6-12 hours.