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Three skincare tips

fair skin woman

Everyone wants a bright, glowing skin that radiates youth. But our daily work kept us busy that we tend to forget how important such a simple skincare routine can help us to fight the early-aging process, dehydration, sun damage, and more. Here are three skincare tips on how you can maintain your gorgeous skin, you’d be thanking us that you knew this sooner.

A lot of sunscreens

sunscreens on faceWe tend to underestimate the importance of using a lot of sunscreens, especially if we’re always out or playing sports outdoor. An SPF protection would help you in the long run as it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, which could accelerate our aging process if we forgot to use some sunscreen. It is always better to wear a cheap drug-store sunscreen than wearing nothing at all; it also slows the skin pigmentation process which is caused by the sun and hormonal growth, we can’t fix pigmented skin by using sunscreen, but we can slow the process by using an SPF protection. A minimum of SPF 30 is already good enough for the skin.
Tip: Re-apply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours if you’re exposed to the sun. Your sunscreen wears off faster when you’re sweating or swimming.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is your best friend when it comes to your skin; it can improve your collagen production, protects you from sun damage and pollution, reduces brown or dark spots. The best part of Vitamin C lies in how it makes our skin appears more radiant, consider getting yourself a serum infused with vitamin c for your skin.
Tip: If you’re too lazy to use a serum and your daily vitamin C intake is low, getting a vitamin c supplement is a great solution as well.

Hydrate your skin

Drinking a lot of water will help to hydrate your skin, a dry and flaky skin is something you want to avoid as the dead skin might lead to clogged pores which can cause acne. Studies suggest to drink eight glass of water every day, but another tip that you can do is take a small sip of water every 5-10 minutes, this will prevent you from dehydration, which is the feeling of thirst. If you’re getting bored of plain regular water, consider getting water infused with your favorite fruits to encourage you to keep drinking.

Those are the most straightforward tips on how to maintain your skin if you’ve done all of this steps you’re going to have your beautiful glowing skin, as prevention is better than cure.water