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Choosing the Right CPAP Machine


Continuous positive air pressure machine is specialized device that offers continuous air flow to the patients during sleep. That helps prevent the patient’s airway from closing. This affects the effects of sleep apnea. These devices are designed to run quietly at the right level of airflow. These machines are useful in treating symptoms of sleep apnea. Persons using battery powered portable CPAP machines have varied range of preferences and needs. As a result of these, devices on the market are quite diverse.

Although the large selection is good news for patients that are suffering from sleep apnea, most of them can feel intimidating as far as choosing the right machine. Therefore, there is a need to understand some of the most important options and features to consider as far as shopping is concerned. In this way, you can get the best CPAP machine for you.


Before purchasing a particular CPAP machine, you need to take it account the amount of noise it generates when being used. Although most of the devices are designed to prevent a lot of noise, you will find some that are more successful as compared to others. That can be important for patients who are light sleepers.


For a patient who relies on CPAP machine for a night’s sleep, it is vital to note that wherever you go, you need the machine with you. That makes portability an important consideration. If you like traveling a lot, you need a machine that can fit in your luggage. Thus, you ought to consider both its weight and size.

Heating and Humidifier Settings

Most CPAP machines include heat settings and humidifiers to prevent patients from inhaling dry air. Such features are necessary to ensure a patient avoids feeling dried out by airflow. While heat settings and humidifiers are featured on the most CPAP machines, you can find products that allow level adjustments. The adjustable settings allow the patients to set the temperature and humidity of the air to a given level that they feel quite comfortable with.

Other Features

In addition to features discussed above, there are other vital features to look for. For instance, your CPAP machine should have mask-off alerts that will notify you in case the mask has come close or been detached. Another important feature it should is leak resistant masking that will prevent the humid air from dissipating out your mask.