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Wholesale doTERRA membership will help you save on essential oils

essential oil with flowers

For millions of years, essential oils have been used to heal diseases, cleanse the soul and clean houses. Names may differ, but people across the globe still rely on essential oils for countless purposes.

Lemongrass will support your achy muscles, and remove nail polish, while Myrrh, Frankincense and Rose help in reduction of fine lines. To make a personal scent, you can use lime and sandalwood. Peppermint essential oil is a great tool for pampering your feet. Rather than use single essential oils, it is a good idea to make blends for more benefits in one;

· Peppermint, Frankincense and wild orange in a diffuser gives off a great aroma that relaxes the mind
· Lavender, peppermint blends make for a relaxing foot soak before bedtime as well as invigorating scents
· Cedarwood and Lavender are a combination often used to calm frayed nerves or make a great natural air freshener
There are many essential oils and even more blends that can be used to improve your health, home, and overall lifestyle. Many have ventured into the business of essential oils, but doTERRA have certainly curved their space in the industry. This company is dedicated to wholesome health for the whole family. To this end, they engage in rigorous checks during the sourcing, preparation, and packaging to ensure purity of the essential oils. Contamination due to mishandling often compromises the products, forcing people to abandon essential oils and return to the toxic chemicals they are used to.


doTERRA inspires essential oil enthusiasts in their high-quality products that are sure to transform their entire lives. As proof of effectiveness and widespread reach, the company has 450 employees and millions of advocates.

It is important to join the fold of many who have decided to accept the gifts of good health and great vibes from Mother Nature. Sign up for a wholesale membership here, and go to enrollment form’. Select the language you understand best as well as the country where you live. If you choose Australia or New Zealand, you will be asked to choose between Australia products and those from Canada or USA. If you decide to get products stored in the Australian warehouses, they will be paid for in AUD.

Next, you must provide some personal details including shipping address, names, and contact information among others. Upon completion of this process, a sponsor ID will be automatically generated, and you need to enter this to proceed. Choose an enrollment kit that suits you from among; Home Essentials Kit, Introductory Packet, and US Aroma Touch Diffused Enrollment Kit among others. The Home Essentials Kit’ is a great choice as with it, your enrollment fee will be waived. This is much cheaper than the custom order where you get to choose the oils you prefer from a kit. To save money, you should also consider the Introductory Packet.

At the Process Order Now & Continue’ stage you will be asked if you would like to access the rewards program. DoTERRA, loyalty rewards program, earns you points with every purchase that you can redeem for oils and products from the company. Besides the rewards and loyalties, the wholesale membership also comes with one hour’s free consultation and 25% off all retail prices.

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The benefits of essential oils surpass the effects of modern-day chemicals in our homes. Staring might seem too overwhelming but trust doTERRA to help you along the journey to good health and stronger bonds. Sign up to a wholesale membership here.

Top 5 Reasons To Go For Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a special treatment for recommended for different types of ailments. If you are suffering from illnesses that require you to improve oxygen circulation in the blood, then you should think of no other treatment than hyperbaric treatment. There are more than enough reasons to choose HBOT over other forms of treatment. Here are the top reasons why many patients go for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Why you should opt for hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Treats many ailmentsHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy room

One of the top reasons why many people opt for hyperbaric oxygen treatment is because it helps in treating some diseases. Supply of oxygen in the blood can be helpful in treating illnesses such as cancer, stroke, arthritis, and autism among many others. This means that you can use a single medical procedure to address a wide range of medical issues.


When thinking about medical treatments, you have to consider safety first. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the safest medical treatments that you can get. The outlined procedure takes into account all the safety precautions that are of great importance. However, this requires you to seek this treatment from a leading provider of this medical service. With the best, you can be sure of a safe process that will guarantee you great results.

Guaranteed results

When using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating an ailment, you can be sure that you will get the best results from the process. This medical procedure involves getting a patient in a pressurized chamber to increase oxygen supply in the body. Therefore, if the ailment requires improved oxygen supply in the body, you can be sure that you will treat it.


old manAnother common reason why many people go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to get anti-aging treatment. An increase in oxygen supply is good for new cell formation, which is a factor that contributes to healthy skin. Therefore, you should go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy if you want to have a healthy skin, which will reduce the aging process.

Cost effective

Another great reason to go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it is a cost-effective treatment option for many types of ailments. If you find a good service provider, you will enjoy this great benefit. You can treat some diseases with just a single treatment. This is a cost effective way of handling your medical issues. For example, if you have arthritis, you will treat arthritis as well as enjoy an improved brain functioning without adding money.